How does DoMyShoot Work?


Choose the platforms you want images listed on

No Restrictions! Create as many adaptations of your product images to be able to sell them everywhere.


Select Market place to setup image profile.
Camera settings for domyshoot

Set up your shoot environment

Follow the basic guidelines provided to ensure the best of your product features are captured and all marketplace relevant requirements are met for angles, style and file types


Select relevant image editing templates

Choose the templates that best fit your project needs to ensure the edited outcomes work for you to be able to sell everywhere you want

domyshoot templates for categories
domyshoot sneakers

Sit back and get finished images

Enjoy the completely seamless workflow from your shoot location to post production to delivery to your marketplace platform

Simply put,

DoMyShoot = High Return, Zero Investment!

Benefits of DoMyShoot

For maximum visibility, both small and large brands need to ensure they are selling their products everywhere-on their own website, on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy and well as through retailers like Walmart. Creating imagery to meet the requirements for all these channels of sales can become expensive.

Well, not anymore! DoMyShoot  offers online sellers:

  • GUIDED shoot done on a mobile phone in just a few clicks
  • INSTANT image editing to meet all marketplace guidelines
  • ZERO logistics costs and coordination time
  • NO external human contact with product sample

Today every business has to sell their products & services online. This means a need for large volumes of visual content to showcase what you are selling. Producing imagery has traditionally been an expensive, time taking task prone to errors.

To focus on scaling fast, DoMyShoot supports an enterprise with:

  • CONTROL of their image creation process
  • REDUCED production costs saving millions of Dollars
  • QUICKER time to market translating to more sells

Still not Sure?

Read some Frequently Asked Questions.

Can mobile phones capture good quality images to sell my products?

Absolutely! And that is why we are so excited about how the DoMyShoot app works! Smartphone technologies have advanced to levels where the outputs work well for online display.

I don’t know anything about photoshoots, can I still use the DoMyShoot photography app?

Of course you can! The app has not been designed for use by professionals, rather it caters to users who know and understand their products and services best. DoMyShoot works as the professional, sharing guidelines, tips and instructions for you to be able to achieve optimal outcomes for your images.

Do I need a very expensive phone to use DoMyShoot?

Not at all! In fact, most averaged priced Android phones  give great image outcomes with the app. 

Do you offer a DIFY (Do it for you) service?

We do not but that’s because we have made the app so easy to use. It’s a simple 3-step set up to create your account, select your preferred templates, and click images of your products in DoMyShoot. If you need additional support, we have category and product-specific guidelines and tips.


Get eCommerce images today.


Get eCommerce images today.