The thought behind Dresma

Our Story

Dresma is born of the vision to provide our clients with custom visual content in the shortest turnaround time, with consistent quality, at competitive prices. Our cutting-edge solutions in the photo-shoot, 3D modelling and image editing spaces have been arrived at after running large projects for brands across the globe.

As a business or a professional that relies on digital content, we empower you to focus on your growth while we constantly innovate to optimize how your content can be created and made ready to showcase.

Founded in Gurgaon, India in 2019, we are driven to succeed as a global provider for visual content and currently operate 3 production floors of over 120 Image Editors and 3D artists. Our processes are run keeping in mind global best practices in infrastructure, data security, servicing and human resource management.

The people behind the story

Meet the team

Siddharth Sinha

Translates customer needs to technology and architecture. Builder of businesses and products having started 2 other start ups prior to Dresma. He has previously led teams of 1000+. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a BS (Applied Physics) from Cornell University

Nishka Sinha

Nishka drives the marketing and HR initiatives and has organically built up the business 12x in 5 years. She is relentless about maintaining the organization’s customer focus. She holds a Master’s and has discovered her entrepreneurial passion with Dresma

Abhishek Kirti

Abhishek leads operations and has honed the team to handle high volume work delivered with outstanding quality. He holds a Masters in Systems Engineering from Cornell University and is focussed on creating sustainable operations designed for scale

Our Values

Low end digital work required for visual content is still very fragmented in India with barely any regulatory insight. As a socially responsible company, we have believe that India, with its growing skilled youth base and lower training and employee costs is in a vantage position to develop this skillset and create employment opportunities.

Dresma has chosen to develop a model to create sustainable jobs in less developed areas of India. In addition to the head office in Gurgaon, we have set up operational branches in tier-II cities of Bareilly and Patna with the goal of contributing to job opportunities in these cities. Dresma strives to create more highly skilled jobs in areas with limited employment options. The focus is on building a professional work environment with emphasis on employee development and welfare.

E-Commerce Image Editing Services

To further demonstrate our commitment to inclusive hiring, we are members of the  Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC) , a global network of businesses creating jobs for those most in need led by the Rockefeller Foundation and Business for Social Responsibility . GISC recognizes Dresma’s contribution in the impact sourcing space as an employer contributing directly to socio-economic growth in its region.

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