How AI can boost VISUAL MEDIA using Pose and Objection Detection 

JANUARY 8, 2020
15:00 IST (20:30 GMT)
60 Minutes
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Visual messages emanating from a human body contain multiple signals. Specific poses can elicit positive or negative reactions in the observer based on context, cultural references and the observer’s bias. Theatre, dance and the movies have long relied on human poses to convey emotions above and beyond speech.

In this webinar, we will explore detection of human poses and its application to visual content in both e-commerce and surveillance applications. At a basic level, we want to be able to classify poses to better predict emotions being conveyed and intent of the subject.

What you will learn:

In the first session of this 3 part webinar series, we will focus on:

  • Definition of pose and gesture and its applications
  • Role of product placement in poses and gestures recognition
  • Combining pose and gesture recognition with object detection 
  • Poses and gestures in visual media like movies, e-commerce and gaming industry
  • Application of poses in E-commerce and Surveillance industries
Who should attend:

This webinar is best suited for :

  • Product Managers in E-commerce and Surveillance industries
  • Developers working with Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Students interested in learning about AI applications
About the speaker

Vicky Budhiraja, CTO

E-Commerce Image Editing Services

Vicky has over 16 years of experience in various technology verticals including image, audio and video processing. In his extensive career, Vicky has led many complete life-cycle product development projects starting with a kernel of thought and leading to marketable products. As CTO of Dresma, a visual content provider, Vicky is building a strong team to create cutting-edge products in the Visual Media space and is looking to drive value not only through innovation but also by leading digital disruption. An IIT, Delhi alumnus, Vicky is passionate about body building and keeping fit and is always eager to explore new ideas.