Visual Content and its role in showcasing products and brands

Visual Content and its role in showcasing products and brands

Importance of the use of optimized visual content is growing. The world we live in is constantly changing, and the ways in which we consume information has greatly been impacted as a result. The advent of readily available media on technological platforms has led to a larger amount of advertising and consumer contact being initiated over phones, the internet and via social media platforms. Attention spans have become much shorter, and thus images and visuals play a greater role than ever before. In fact, visuals can completely change how your business is perceived in the market thus making them more valuable than ever before.

Research shows that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, while 93% of communication between people is non verbal. The brands that make use of this information are more likely to capture consumer interest and hold it, through videos, photo rich content, infographics and other rich visual mediums.

International brands have realized the art of visual marketing and the value of visual content, while Indian companies who have followed suit have experienced great success. For instance, coffee giant, Starbucks, is present on every social media platform imaginable, and their visual posts are omnipresent on these. Their usage of images is subtle, and never looks like overt marketing but it draws results. Volkswagen has achieved a lot of followers by making use of a visual timeline on Facebook that serves as a mixture of history as well as advertising, ensuring the brand name is always on the consumer’s mind as they peruse the page. Taco Bell was one of the first brands to make use of Snapchat, and was the first to launch a new product, making a film shown on Snapchat.

Visual heavy websites are doing a great job of appealing to consumers and ensuring they are repeat visitors. Top brands ensure their images sell their story rather than relying on text, and text alone, to do the same. Online retailers have experienced great booms in their business, if they present their images in an appealing manner. Asos, Amazon, and high end designers like Marchesa, Michael Kors and Armani ensure the images on their sites are clear, interesting and vibrant.

The beauty of visual content is that it taps into the visceral psyche of your audience, and makes them want to know more about your brand. If you are regular with visual content posts, and ensue they are high quality and shareable, then the reputation and awareness of your brand will only go up. It is extremely critical to make sure your content is colourful, vibrant and well-designed. This is the way of business today, and if you do not embrace it, you will lose out. So get smart, get visual!

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