Upcoming Trends to Boost Your E-commerce Presence in 2019

Upcoming Trends to Boost Your E-commerce Presence in 2019

E-commerce portals have experienced a massive boom in 2018, and show no sign of slowing down. With this in mind, it is crucial to keep up with the developing trends and know of ways to ensure your e-commerce presence remains engaging and drawing more followers. Here are some of the upcoming trends to boost your e-commerce presence.

Marketing Automation

Ensuring timely content is the key to increasing followers and generating engagement. Nowadays, there are several marketing automation software that allow you to post content by scheduling and planning your posts in advance. Marketing automation covers areas including customized landing pages and easy-to-access shopping carts, making sure if you are selling products, your site is user-friendly and easily accessible. You also can gain access into customer insights, allowing you to target them with products that are more inclined to their tastes.

Augmented Reality for Product Visualization

Both Apple and Google have gotten on this AR trend in recent times. This AR for product visualization will only see growth in the upcoming year which will also increase the adoption of VR & AR-enabled smart devices.

Snap and Shop

Shopping by image seems to be the logical next step to the e-commerce cycle. What this means is users will just have to point their cameras at an item they like, and instantly get info on which online store they can purchase the same. For example, Pinterest has launched its own photo camera. It recognizes and translates images to provide a similar or the same product description. It has already partnered with many e-commerce stores and top search engines.

Mobile Commerce

Purchases through mobile transactions have been increasing steadily over the years. If your website lacks mobile responsiveness, ensure you fix this problem as soon as you can! People tend to use their mobiles more often than even their computers these days, and this can cause a massive boost in sales.

Increased Sales Via Influencer Marketing

Online influencers have slowly and steadily changed the way people are shopping. In the past couple of years, the number and popularity of influencers have greatly increased. They have a real and tangible audience who follows their recommendations. In fact, around 30% of customers buy products recommended by influencers, and the percentage is sure to go up. This is why it is crucial to know your influencers and figure out which products you want them to be spotted in.

Voice Search Taking the Lead

With the increasing usage of voice searches, e-commerce sites will join the bandwagon, optimizing for voice search. While optimizing content for voice search more textual content should be included. This will allow them to appear in rich snippets and knowledge graphs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Identifying customer shopping trends and preferences has become a major challenge for e-commerce stores, and this is where artificial intelligence or AI serves as a huge help. According to Business Insider, retailers that have implemented personalization strategies see sales gains of 6% to 10%.

Social Media Payments

There has also been an increase in social payments for products. Popularized by Paypal, social payments allow users to transfer funds using social media. Almost all major social platforms have formed their own version such as Apple pay, Google wallet, Facebook payments, Twitter Buy, etc. However, keep in mind these payment methods are prone to hacking. Why? Because most users have a weak password. Also, most people have turned their settings to ‘always connected’ on mobile phones. If they get mugged, the muggers can easily access all the social media accounts and transfer funds.

Evolving Customer Experience into something more Local & Customized

Localizing an e-commerce platform will allow for deeper personalization thereby, increasing customer interest and loyalty. By using the customer’s IP address, search data will be more targeted as well as advertisements, something we are already seeing in full force.

Amazon will remain on top

Amazon has grown exponentially since its creation and shows no signs of stopping. With a growth of 20% per month, Amazon is sure to remain the frontrunner in e-commerce for the foreseeable future.

These are just some of the many upcoming trends to watch out for in this space in 2019, but our advice is to keep researching and reading about what is happening in e-commerce, as with everything online, it changes with a click of a button!

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