Top 5 Trends in Photography 2020 to enhance visual content

Top 5 Trends in Photography 2020 to enhance visual content

Changing customer needs constantly drives innovation in the world of visual content. To stay on top of developments, a photography business owner must remain abreast of the key factors shaping the industry. As a visual content partner to many photo studios and photographers, we at Dresma felt the need to capture the top 5 trends in photography 2020 that are expected to rule the photographic world in 2020. The article below highlights our findings from an email survey conducted across 15,000 of our customers around the world.

As the famous quote by Ansel Adams goes, “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!” What counts most is not the costliest gear or the countless hours on Lightroom and Photoshop but instead it is your vision that helps create a photograph that is most relevant to you or to the user of your images.

Professional photographs play an increasingly important role in any business or branding strategy. A visionary photographer needs to stay updated with current trends and changing cultural contexts to deliver the most effective outcomes for his or her clients. Our survey results highlight some of the more important trends in photography that will help enhance your visual style. 

1. DSLR cameras are becoming a niche

As per photography trends DSLR's won't die but could become a niche product. for photographers.

The use of visual content especially in its digital format has exploded and is only growing exponentially. We live in an age where everyone walks around with a camera in their pocket. A couple of decades ago, DSLRs replaced film cameras. With low battery life and only a few megapixels, it was obvious that most photographers were skeptics at first. A few generations is what it took before digital cameras were fully accepted and analog photography was left to enthusiasts rather than professionals.

In recent times, we have seen a sharp turn in the status of DSLRs. Mirrorless cameras and smartphones have become more popular for the average consumer. And even for professional photographers, there are abundant alternatives to old-school DSLRs. You could ask why anybody would even buy a DSLR now when there are better and cheaper alternatives? Clearly, the photographers we ran our survey through feel that more and more DSLRs are going to become a niche. Will they get obsolete and die a slow death? That’s not for us to comment on but what we can say with definity is that only a professional knows best how to capture his subject!

2. What’s old is new again

Retro trends can be seen reemerging in photography much like fashion giving new photos the feel of yesteryear images
Old Photography trends are back

A voice from history often gets repeated as a trend in the future. A nostalgic past sentiment trickles into present to blend the last decades’ vibes with modern contemporary styles. The resurgence of the retro style in the fashion industry is on a spike and the same holds for other industries including photography. The rollback of production of the iconic 35mm Ektachrome film that was stopped in 2011 due to low demand, is the indication that it is not going to get out of fashion soon as expected. There has been good news for the photography industry that Warner Bros, Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony and Paramount signed a contract with Kodak indicating that there’s still some life left for the film photography. Vintage photography impacts and temperaments from the past are a pattern that has risen above time. It’s probably for reasons such as these that “what’s old is new again” is considered as one of the top 5 trends in photography 2020 to watch out for this year.

3. Drones will soon be as common as clouds

Camera drones are trending as latest photography equipment.

Drones are an addition to the line of photography equipment that has created new opportunities to quite literally, scale heights, in the visual content space. 

Still in the nascent stages, camera drones have the power to reach inaccessible places that seemed unexplorable only a few years ago. It has given a new twist to the photography angles and has opened a new horizon to be explored for photography and videography.

If you are into the photography business, especially wedding and wildlife photography, then, camera drones are the latest trend right now. People are ready to pay a hefty amount to have drone coverage of their special photoshoots. Adding drone videography and photography to your services may help boost your photography business by attracting more clients ultimately shooting up your profits. This is a growing trend that the majority of the photographic community we surveyed believes is here to stay.

4. Bright Colors and Bright Light

Natural bright light and vibrant colors are the latest photography trends.


Selection of colours and light exposure in photography integrates science, art and your personal style. Photos with natural light taken without the use of additional lighting equipment and filters will always be in demand. Hence, colours and light should be used carefully as they have the power to make or break the essence of the photographs, which have great storytelling potential. The best way to express and present ideas involving photography is to use natural light and bright & vibrant colours. The bright colours help to convey various moods and emotions and make visuals pop. Clearly, with this being amongst the top 5 trends in photography 2020 list, our photographer friends want to give expression to their visual content with louder colours and brighter exposures that will stand out.

5. Keep it Real

A survey conducted by Stackla indicates the fact that authentic content is an effective way to communicate the brand to the audience. Despite authenticity being agreed upon as the important factor, the survey also divulges disconnect between the marketers and the content consumers want.

On one hand, 51% of surveyed customers think that not even half of the content created by brands are authentic, on the other hand, 92% of the brands assume that almost all of the content created by them reflects as authentic to consumers. So, this creates a gap that can be seized as a great opportunity by the content creators to share more authentic content communicating effective branding.

By providing authentic visuals, the content creators can help brands to bridge the gap and generate a long-lasting relationship with consumers, who nowadays expect brands to have not just the products, but also human touch to get more engaged with the brand. So, photos depicting reality tops the photography trend in 2020.

With an estimate of more than 4 billion images going online each year for commercial purposes, the role of visual content is becoming more central to business success. Exciting developments in technology are only helping the industry pave the way forward by enabling creation of more immersive and contextual content and lowering the cost to produce and access such content. Leading these changes from the front are the creative visionaries, the photographers, who create this content for mass consumption.

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