Top Five Ways to earn money through Mobile Photography

Top Five Ways to earn money through Mobile Photography

Mobile photography is slowly becoming the future of some categories of professional photography. In today’s day and age, your smartphone nothing less than a miracle you carry around with you in your pocket! Whether you need to find out the latest movie timings, video chat with your best friend who is sitting across the globe, or track the steps you walked in the last hour, it can do it all! But one of its most appealing qualities is mobile photography and getting amazingly clear and creative mobile photos which can be used to aid you in so many different ways. Here are our Top 5 ways to start earning with your smartphone:

1.Brand Images and the Perfect Way to Draw Eyeballs to Your Website

Showcase your work or the work of your brand by creating a clean, and visually appealing website. By using a mobile smartphone, and knowing the right tactics, creating a website is no longer the domain of the wealthy- rather it has become accessible to anyone with a decent mobile smartphone and the knack for knowing how to use it.  From taking some truly fabulous images for your cover on your website, to showcasing the ecommerce images you blog about , there are so many mobile phone tips and tricks you can find online to have a super polished final product. Editing the images has also never been easier.  This blog, outlines several interesting and useful applications for your mobile phone, both android and iOS devices. In fact, one of the most popular editing software’s, Photoshop, is available for use from the comfort of your smartphone! It can be used to create that magazine like finish that will  sure  take your website up that extra notch. Simple tips and tricks for the best mobile photography can take you a long way. Ensuring you clean your phone camera lenses often and with a good spray, setting your mobile phone’s focus manually so that the object you are shooting is crystal clear, and adjusting exposure to ensure the brightness levels are optimum are some key tricks. There are so many quick and easy ways to upgrade your use of a  mobile phone to shoot images. Also available online are so many mobile photography tips and tricks that will turn the final product into something truly spectacular.

2.Selling Your Products with Great Visuals is a Snap on Marketplaces & Listings

Today, you want to sell a used car on a listing platform like Olx or create your own store with ecommerce images on Swiggy or Amazon. The ways to market your product or services are endless. However, the most distinguishing factor for anyone to buy from you are your images. This is where mobile photography and using the right tips and tricks for it, can really set you apart when you want to showcase your ecommerce images on a platform. This helps you have studio quality images ready to go from the ease of your mobile smartphone.  There are also a lot of free resources online that will help you get comfortable with your mobile and shoot visually stunning ecommerce images with no need for an expert on hand. For instance, this write up on Junglesout help you with some easy smartphone photography tips to get you started.

If you just go online and glance at any product listing portal like Flipkart or Etsy, notice how much more visibility and comments occur on those ecommerce images that are well shot and engaging. It does not require studio equipment; all it takes is creative mobile photography and learning how to take better photos with the phone. A good product listing will always showcase a multitude of product images from different angles. For instance, if you go on Asos and you want to buy a dress, not only is the dress shot from different angles but a model is shown in a video wearing the product so you can see how it flows on the body. A bad product listing  shows just one drab image of the product, perhaps a badly cropped one or one that is shot without keeping the product in focus or with an unsteady hand. With all the tutorials out there, you can find a way to take great images using your smartphone.

3.Social Media Marketing: Your Way to Market in Today’s World

In today’s world, social media marketing is the best manner to target your customers and level the playing field. There are so many ways  to market a product or a brand on social media and with the plethora of platforms, comes the need for great content and visuals. With a smartphone, can you shoot, edit and create exciting videos and gifs for Instagram, Facebook and the like. And by using smartphone photography and using the right tips and tricks for a mobile smartphone your images are sure to set your brand apart from the word go.  Not only do smartphones allow for cheaper content creation, but you can now make more authentic content that will actually impact and draw in viewers, since you are capturing it on the go. An article like this one will help you with some useful mobile photography tips that can be used to enhance how you showcase your products. If you post great images on your social media sites or even on google, chances are they can be easily found (ensure you caption and tag them with accurate descriptions as well) which can lead to more sales and conversions for your products. 

4.Influencer Marketing: More than Just a Pretty Face

There is a huge market for influencers at this point in time, especially an influencer who does their research, knows their product, and gives good, honest feedback. However, one of the main goals of an influencer is to ensure their visuals are always eye catching and appealing. For instance, if you are a food influencer, you need to be certain that the images you put up of every meal you indulge in or that you create looks delicious.

Being an influencer is also an extremely lucrative form of revenue if you find the right niche and know the best way to indulge in creative smartphone photography. It will not cost you tons of money but will ensure your audience keeps an eye on what you are up to, where you are going or the brands you are digging.

5.User Generated Content That Will Bring the User and Your Brand Its Own Fame

If you’ve reached this far on the blog, we assume you know what UGC or User Generated Content is. However, let us take you through it once (for the uninitiated).  Let’s say you own a restaurant and you just introduced a new menu full of amazing seasonal delights. You want to take some great shots of the food, but the menu is only on for a month so why waste so much money on a professional shoot? Not only can you do a shoot from a good smartphone, but (and this is where UGC comes in) you can call some reputed bloggers or some regular customers to eat for free. They will likely take images of the food they eat using smartphone photography and share it on their social media networks, tagging you. This is the power of UGC. Not only does it add to the visuals of your menu, but it also enables authentic approval of your offerings to the public.

These are just some of the many ways in which your simple and humble smartphone can elevate your work and your skills to the next level. Not too shabby, huh?



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