The Importance of Beautiful Images for successful marketing

The Importance of Beautiful Images for successful marketing

The key to a successful e-commerce site, and more importantly, to selling online is ensuring your images are always eye-catching, well edited and beautiful, to attract clients. It is easy to forget most customers have not seen your image up close and personal, and thus, need to really understand how it looks to translate their desire for the product into an actual purchase. While a product may look orange in an image or may seem to have quality thread work, how does your customer know this unless the image is of a high standard and showcases the same?

In 2017, visual content is fast becoming a mainstay of web design; current trends indicate that users’ preference for attractive visual imagery over verbose copy is set to increase over the coming months, so if you haven’t already, you need to make sure your site is visually appealing and full of lush images that will ensure increased engagement.

As more and more consumers look to make cheaper purchases online, businesses are increasingly investing more money in e-commerce websites and digital marketing strategies to ensure they garner the most attention and return ratio. This means that whatever you sell, there are chances that several other sites are selling the same products as well, perhaps at an even lower price. This means that beautiful product photography has never been more important for small and large online retailers alike. Captivating images are also a way to stand out to newer markets, be it national or international. If your company offers genuine, high quality products then its pertinent that the images reflect the same.

Currently, social media rules, and therefore excellent product photographs are beneficial in several ways. Multiple studies suggest that social media audiences react best to attractive visual content, which is reflected in the large-scale increase in users of sites like Instagram and Pinterest. This means that your product photography must not only look professional, but also be unique and distinctive, so you stand out from the competition. Ignoring the importance of great visual content can be highly detrimental to any online business.

Further, a large part of your audience accesses your site via mobiles and tablets. As more audiences access your content on the move, there’s a great need for captivating imagery to ensure that your audience pays attention and doesn’t just switch to the next site. With such a limited amount of time available, it’s difficult for your content to capture your audience’s attention and imagination, which means it’s up to your product imagery to do the job. Let your images speak volumes by prioritizing them and ensuring they are gorgeous and hard to ignore.

This is where Dresma come in. We ensure images that are representative of your product, beautifully captured and edited to perfection. The importance of visuals cannot be stressed enough, so you need to ensure that what is on your site is a true signifier of your brand, and will do your work for you- attracting new customers and making sure existing ones do not tire of your products.

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