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93% of Consumers base buying decisions on VISUAL appearance. Create compelling visuals with our effortless Post-Production.


Image Editing

E-commerce is all about ensuring consistent imagery of high quality is delivered fast and efficiently to you so that you  start selling your products. We have mastered this art and how!

Cut Out, Colour Correction, Jewelery Retouching
3 D Modelling and Rendering

3D Visualization

While images remain vital to e-commerce, 3D applications offer you additional dimensions of showcasing the best of your product. Let us help you adapt to flexible form of visual presentation.

High end retouching, skin retouching, beauty retouching, e-commerce image editing
We help in producing stand out Imagery


Ritu Kumar is an Indian luxury fashion brand that has a strong sensibility of ancient Indian designs.To optimize their customers’ experience online, this high-end fashion brand requires high-quality imagery to showcase their USPs.With an eye for details, high-end fashion retouchers at Dresma offer the brand with  customized  solutions that keep the texture and details intact in the images making them look as natural as possible.

we service customers in 21 countries

Case Studies

Wadi Case Study

Founded in the year 2015, Wadi, a Dubai based marketplace startup with funding from Rocket Internet positioned itself as a major e-commerce player in the Middle East Asia within 2 months with Dresma as its initial content creation service providers.

Wadi being a multi-goods marketplace required  large volume imagery to showcase and sell products online. Its enagement with Dresma for visual content provided the thrust that a startup needs for quick expansion. With quality bulk Image Editing at unparalleled turnarounds, we were able to support the client to upload 80,000+ products in a short span of 60 days. Wadi.com secured second round of funding of $67 million in 2016 and has since scaled up fast in its region.

Piktiz Case Study

Piktiz is a  Brazil-based professional photo studio that offers high quality customized photo and video production services to their clients within minimum possible turnaround times.

As they serve various verticals such as food and real estate and offer quick turnarounds as a value proposition to their customers, they need to remain focussed on their core competency of photography. For this reason they have chosen Dresma as their post production partners. The Piktiz team shares around 1000 images every day with us and we on our part stay committed to delivering those images within the same day. Dresma helps them to maintain quality and consistent outputs and also handles variance in volumes as Piktiz acquires new customers.

Kabeer Lal Photography Case Study

Kabeer Lal is a Delhi based professional photographer offering  photography services to his customers in the area of food, architecture, portraiture, and fashion.

Kabeer’s customers are very sensitive about the security of their images as well as the look of the final outcomes.  It is for these reasons that he got in touch with Dresma. Initially, he tried our services with a small set of images and gradually the scale of images went up as we gained his confidence with our customized service and delivered quality work as per his needs. Dresma helped him to free up his time to pursue his passion for photography.

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