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Dealing with large data sets of before and after images, our technologists have built intuitive algorithms to ensure there is consistent corrections across a project.  The combined outcome of deep learning and creative inputs result in images that stand out. This is why we are trusted by our customers.

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Masking in Photoshop

Masking is particularly useful to remove objects from backgrounds and requires levels of precision especially when the products have fuzzy edges like frizzy hair or fur and intricate details like and machinery.

Clipping Path is used to ensure your products can be used in a multitude of ways by simply getting a cut out of them in post-production. This applied to simple products like bags and shoes as well as more complex jewellery and machinery.

Invisible Mannequin Removal in Photoshop

Invisible Mannequin is used to treat garments shot on mannequins in a photo studio. Two separate images are shot: one of the garment on the model and one of the inside of the garment. They are retouched together using multiple techniques of photo editing.

Retouching is a generic term for a variety of adjustments made to images in post-production. This process requires a clear understanding of the clients’ requirements as well as a deep knowledge of photoshop tools.

Colour Correction is vital for e-commerce success. Both colour values and any colour dispositions need to be corrected in images going online. The result is consistent colours, regardless of the product.

Shadow/Reflection creation or removal help to enhance products. Creating a drop shadow based on the outlines of an object – or a natural shadow often enrich the image. Reflections are created by simulating an object on a mirrored surface.

HDR/Image Blending is a technique used especially in real estate where a photo-shoot is done using exposure bracketing. This allows for all important areas within a space to get evenly highlighted in post-production.

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“We have been using Dresma Image Editing solutions for our post production requirements for a few years now. Its helped us to maintain our image quality across our website and manage costs too”

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