Lightroom : A photographer’s best assistant

Lightroom is perhaps one of the few software’s designed for use directly by photographers. With lighter processing requirements and an easy image management system, it remains a popular choice for photographers especially in the genres of wedding, real estate and outdoor photography. Here are just a few reasons why you must get yourself familiar with this tool:

Excellent workflow management

Lightroom import can make duplicate copies of your images, one for the catalogue, and another as a backup, even doing so in different formats (say raw for the catalogue and DNG for your archival copy). Applying keywords and metadata to your images on import is easy, and you can apply processing presets as well. Because the Lightroom catalogue is a database file, it’s easy to find all your images, whether by keyword or metadata such as camera type, ISO, etc. Lightroom also lets you create collections that make it easy to group similar images together. The Smart Collection will automatically add images to the collection based on criteria like keywords.

Easily Compare Images

Lightroom makes it easy to view similar images side by side to make your selections, or you can view the same image in side by side mode to evaluate your adjustments. The most useful aspect of the Compare view though is the ability to make selects, or pick the better of similar images when doing a review of all the images you just imported. This helps to speed up the rating process, as well as quickly compare exposure settings when shooting live.

Create Presets

If you’ve used actions in Photoshop, you’ll appreciate presets in Lightroom. Presets can make short work of many complex adjustments, can be applied to multiple images at once, and are easily modified as needed. One can group presets by the type of adjustment, like black & white presets, raw pre-processing, and portraits. Along with adjustment presets, you can also create output and print layout presets making this a very flexible tool.

Save time-Work on multiple files

Unlike in Photoshop, with Lightroom, you can easily work on multiple images at a time – just select them and start making adjustments. The same is true for exporting, creating web galleries, printing, keywording, and other adjustments. If you’re using collections, you can quickly modify or adjust every image in the collection if you want.

All in all, Lightroom offers an ease of use and flexibility that every photographer requires. It helps you to take control of the output of your images and save on image processing costs. And ofcourse, when the work gets much to handle, there are always image editing partners available to support your projects requirements.

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