Image Manipulations: Know the magic it can create

Image Manipulations: Know the magic it can create

In today’s technology driven world, the scope of images manipulations has only increased. Image manipulations are required and important in almost all industries today. In E-commerce, for example, the quality of the images of your product can be the differentiating factor between a buy or a miss from the customer. With all products, services, and brands having a visual image as their face today, image manipulations become imperative for websites, marketing collateral, advertising agencies, digital media agencies and more.

So what exactly is meant by Image manipulations? Image manipulation simply refers to the process of modifying the images to make them look attractive and at the same time realistic. It involves making changes to a photo or an image to improve its quality while retaining its originality and reality.

There are many photo manipulation softwares available in the market today. Many DIY softwares are also prevalent but the automated processes offered by these have their own limitations. An expert photo editor uses Various sophisticated techniques in the process of image manipulations so as to improve the quality of the image. Some of these are:


Color correction 

How many times have you experienced the difference in the actual color of a product and that in the clicked image? It is common to see variations in the shade of fabrics from real to picture. Imagine that happening in the e-commerce industry where the quality of the image can be the game changer for a business. This is where Color corrections become critical in the process of image manipulations. An editor uses tools like HSB Balancing, colour correction, and curves to bring out the real depth in an image. This image here shows the difference colour correction can bring to a dull image in real life.


Background removal

Many times we come across situations where it is important for the image of a product to have a solid or no background, for instance for e-commerce or for magazine articles. To remove the background completely from an image clipping path and masking is the most commonly used technique. One can isolate anything from a composition using this tool. It takes some time and patience to neatly isolate the subject from the composition. Some tweaking of the lighting may be required later on depending upon the kind of new background color or composition. The task can be simple or complicated as can be seen in these images.


Ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequin refers to an image of a product (usually a garment) with the product displayed on a mannequin but the visible parts of the mannequin removed. This process gives shape, definition, and clarity to the product while removing the distracting element of the mannequin. This process becomes critical for the fashion, apparel and jewelry industry as products can be viewed as they would look when worn. To achieve the ghost mannequin effect, it is very important to click the apparel from different angles while on the mannequin or model and also stretched out on a white surface. Later on these images are separated out and then combined using the selection and masking tools in photoshop to create the transparent effect. Like in this image the mannequin area was masked out and the inner back are of the flat image were combined to create the appropriate effect.


High-End retouching

No shot is perfect even with the sophisticated studio equipment. The images are post-processed to create the flawless end result. We have been working closely with many renowned photographers from around the world providing post-production of imagery. The applications of High-end re-touching are immense. Be it the beauty industry, movies or the fashion industry, a lot goes into creating those glamorous images. Glamour retouching includes color correction, red-eye correction, smoothening the skin, stray hair removal, blemishes removal and much more to create a flawless look. It takes an expert eye to work on the minute detailing of an image because even small flaws can be distracting for a composition.

There is a lot more that goes into the complete the process of image manipulations. It, therefore, becomes imperative to consult professional image editing providers.Today, there are various professional photo editing companies and providers. Working with a professional and good quality image editing organizations allows you to focus on your core work and business and saves you time, money and other resources. Further, an image editing provider, being very well aware of the complexities of edits required as well as of guidelines followed by online marketplaces, can simply do the job faster and better! It is therefore advisable to partner with a good professional photo manipulations providers for your business needs.

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