Importance of Image Editing Solutions for Ecommerce Projects

Importance of Image Editing Solutions for Ecommerce Projects

Image editing solutions as a business is growing. The properly optimized product images convey the message in a proper way to the end-users. Thus, making the photo editing very crucial for marketing, branding and communication.

Images are now most commonly used to showcase products across all channels of sale. An image now has become worth a thousand words and people connect to it instantly. That’s why every large or small e-commerce site now ensure to use product imagery to highlight the unique features to sell online. And to lure customers to finally make the payment, you need to be able to stand out and give the little extra than competitors in the market.

So after your products have undergone a photo-shoot, the post production or image editing of the photos is a crucial part that follows. Editing a huge range of products can ask for a lot more effort than regular. You have to go through Photo Editing, background removal, cropping and retouching for each Product Photo. Often people look to cut corners here believing that if an image has been photographed decently, no editing is really required. However, our experience in image post processing tells us otherwise and we would like to share why some of the largest brands in the world still choose to send us images for manual editing :

Photo Retouching

E-commerce photoshoots have been streamlined to a large extent especially with fairly advanced hardware/software systems available to produce good quality imagery for online selling. However, technology is yet to solve for removing of wrinkles and creases, skin or beauty retouching. Making the product image as flawless as possible is an important step in creating an aspirational desire for it in the head of the consumer and professional photo-retouching enables brands and online retailers to achieve that.


Background Removal

One can easily use Photoshop to remove the background and deep etching from photos. But, to get the best quality, one has to get a hand-drawn Clipping path and Photoshop Masking. No matter how complex the procedures are, Background Removal Service for photos is something that no e-commerce businesses can ignore. Many automated solutions are on offer but they are expensive and most often cannot handle the intricacies of masking ornate jewelry or complex machinery tools. The human touch is still required to achieve perfection.


Color Correction

Color Correction and Color Editing Services are one of the most critical Image Editing requirements to make the images stand out.  Color correction to some degree has a direct impact on the ROI of any business. Most products receive high returns if the product’s actual color does not match the color shown digitally.  Here to it is worth investing in a good team of retouchers who can have the eye to match colors well that often get missed by the camera.


Clearly, technology has streamlined large parts of the e-commerce content creation process. However, it remains true even today that hiring an experienced post production team will help you get the right kind of images to establish a strong presence in the market and ensure your business grows fast.

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