Impact Sourcing in Image Editing: Making a positive difference

Impact Sourcing in Image Editing: Making a positive difference

Impact sourcing or socially responsible outsourcing focuses on the creation of employment opportunities in social and economically less developed regions. It helps to fill the employability gap by utilizing the lower and moderate skill resources available in such places. People are provided on the job training and eventually absorbed into the mainstream of social stratum.

With e-commerce platforms growing at a never before pace, approximately 4 billion images are getting uploaded every year to marketplaces. The need to create good quality, large volume visual content, quickly and consistently is becoming the need of the hour for these marketplaces. This content needs to undergo some level of editing before it can be consumed by the target audience. A large part of this image editing process still remains manual and requires editors skilled in using software for photo-editing. There is a growing demand for such talent and India, with its growing skilled youth base and lower training and employee costs is in a vantage position to develop this skillset and create employment opportunities.

Growth in India

Indian companies have started betting big on tier-II and tier-III cities to hire from the local talent pool and capitalize on the untapped potential available there. Such expansion will not only help the companies to grow but will also create a surge in sustainable job opportunities. The involvement of local youth would bridge the employment gap in smaller cities and create a virtuous cycle of consumer demand and economic growth.

Dresma, a leading visual content provider in the global market, has consciously chosen to adopt this model to further its own vision while creating sustainable jobs in less developed areas of India. In addition to the head office in Gurgaon, it has set up operational branches in tier-II cities of Bareilly and Patna with the goal of contributing to job opportunities in these cities. Dresma strives to create more highly skilled jobs in areas with limited employment options. The focus is on building a professional work environment with emphasis on employee development and welfare.

In the past 2 years, the company has especially had much success with its on-the-job training program. Candidates with school pass qualifications who are otherwise unable to pursue further studies due to financial constraints are provided on the job training in image editing. Most often they are new to technology and computers, however, the program introduces them to various in-house developed as well as off the shelf photo-editing software. With good guidance and support, these candidates are able to perform basic image editing functions in 3-4 months and many of them become well skilled within a year. Employee growth and development has resulted in building strong loyalty and low attrition, which has, in turn, helped the company in better project management with consistent quality for customers.

Impact Sourcing gains momentum

Dresma as a global provider of visual content is a member of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC) to further demonstrate its commitment to inclusive hiring. GISC is a global network of businesses creating jobs for those most in need through the power of procurement and global supply chains led by the Rockefeller Foundation and Business for Social Responsibility (BSR). Impact Sourcing as defined by Rockefeller is “an inclusive employment practice through which companies intentionally connect high-potential, disadvantaged youth to available jobs.” GISC recognizes Dresma’s contribution in the impact sourcing space as an employer contributing directly to socio-economic growth in its region.

The impact sourcing model is a win-win for companies like Dresma and its customers. Impact sourcing most definitely contributes to improved quality of services and richer company culture.

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