Get Ecommerce Images with DoMyShoot Mobile App in 2hours  

Get Ecommerce Images with a hassle-free and user-friendly mobile app. DoMyShoot is an end to end solution for online sellers. It enables them to create images ready for marketplaces in MINUTES. At very low COSTS.
  • E-Commerce Image Editing Services
    Setup your folder structure, required angles and file naming convention for seamless upload to your CDN or DAM
  • E-Commerce Image Editing Services
    Define exposure and ISO range, enable HDRs and create custom overlays to help the user take the ideal photograph
  • E-Commerce Image Editing Services
    Select final file formats, margin and aspect ratio requirements and retouching guidelines for perfect images for your online platform
  • E-Commerce Image Editing Services
    Completely seamless data transfers from shoot location to post production to delivery to your marketplace platform
Producing visual content for online selling is highly manual, prone to error and expensive.
Now, take control of your ecommerce image creation!



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Disrupting Visual Content Creation for E-commerce

The DoMyShoot Mobile App is an intelligent capture solution that works seamlessly with Dresma’s image editing platform to deliver professional ecommerce images. Our intuitive App is designed to ensure that required images are captured as per online marketplace guidelines without the need for custom hardware saving time and money.

  • Custom Settings generate images to your specifications
  • High Quality Imagery  with professional image editing
  • Seamless Workflow to deliver images directly to your marketplace
E-Commerce Image Editing Services-Food Photography, Mobile Photography, Image Enhancements for food

Use Cases

E-Commerce Image Editing Services
  • Angle definitions and  overlays to ensure that dealers photograph cars at the required angles
  • Folder definitions ensure that each car is photographed at all the right angles
  • Post production templates ensure that each vehicle is placed on the correct standard background and images conform to the marketplace guidelines
  • Direct integration with Product Information Management (PIM) solution to ensure that the correct images are tagged with the appropriate vehicle information
E-Commerce Image Editing Services
  • Setup camera profiles separately for interior, exterior and close-up images to allow local on-boarding teams to conduct the photography
  • Angle and folder definitions ensure minimum set of images for all spaces within a hotel or restaurant are covered
  • Tagged post production templates to ensure each image is optimally treated
  • Direct uploading to marketplace CDN with predefined folder and angle naming scheme
  • Use  the DoMyShoot app on a mobile phone together with continuous lighting to get professional quality images
  • Scan in product QRs and Bar Codes for automated folder and file naming
  • Angle definitions ensure all images required for a particular product category are shot and post produced
  • Automatically move images from studio floor to post production without manual intervention
  • Tag appropriate Post Production templates to get ecommerce images

Ecommerce Images that drive ROI

We use Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning to create automated tools that churn out consistent, high quality images at scale. Our workflow is designed to achieve optimal outputs for online selling. We understand that you can sell more if the look of your visual content is appealing to your customers. Our goal is to achieve this for you, everytime.


The DoMyShoot App is Fast & Cheap giving you full control of your Ecommerce Images


What is eCommerce photography?

eCommerce photography is the process of creating outstanding images that help to sell your products or services online on eCommerce platforms. Product, model shoots are types of eCommerce photography

How do I photograph eCommerce products?

To photograph eCommerce products, you must have a clear understanding of where you are going to be using the images and how much can you spend on the creation of the visual content

How to Optimize Product Photos to Generate More Revenue on Amazon?

Optimized product images help you generate more sales on Amazon. Ensure the images follow all required guidelines for Amazon and are professionally shot and correctly listed on the platform

How do i take good pictures for eBay?

High-quality images are more likely to sell on eBay. For great pictures use a good camera or mobile phone. Hire a professional photographer or use a Mobile App that gives Shoot and edit solutions

How do I take good photos of products to sell online?

Online selling requires high-quality images for buyers to choose your product of hundreds of others. Hire a professional photographer or use a Mobile App that gives Shoot and edit solutions