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They increase online sales with Dresma


With the DoMyShoot mobile photography app you start with a simple & scalable photoshoot solution for eCommerce images. Configured with a custom worflow designed for your business, the app enables a photoshoot for your product or service in minutes, anywhere in the world, saving you time & money

Tech-enabled Photoshoot

Mobile photography app for large scale eCommerce workflows

Easy to

Built for use by non pros with in-app guides to help

High Quality Imagery

Consistent & enhanced outputs leveraging technology

E-Commerce Image Editing Services

Photography at Scale

How OYO elevates its business with Dresma


Get consistent quality, enhanced eCommerce images for your business processed through our AI powered platform using a combination of automated tasks as well as manual intervention through the trained eye of our image artists

E-Commerce Image Editing Services

AI Powered Workflow

Seamles process to support scale and growth for large scale custom visual content

Professional Image Editing

Enhancements combining automation & the human touch of specialist artists

Quick & Consistent Outcomes

Workflow geared to meet custom specifications on both quality and time

E-Commerce Image Editing Services

Post Production

How Nordstrom chose Dresma as a post production partner


Futureproof your content with photo realistic renderings of your products to build engagement. We help you convert your 2D content to 3D ready for AR/VR viewing

3D Modeling & Rendering

3D content is fully adaptable, easier to update, & without the logistical hassle of traditional photo shoots

Photorealistic Outputs

CGI trumps photography to create lifestyle or marketing images & comes at a fraction of the cost

Enhanced Visual Experience

3D content enables a richer viewing experience for your product driving deeper customer engagement

E-Commerce Image Editing Services

Photoshoot at Scale

How Nordstrom chose Dresma as a post production partner

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Photos for eCommerce Success

We support businesses to create images at scale


 2D or 3D content generated from the DoMyShoot mobile app increases online sales for sellers & brands

E-Commerce Image Editing Services


Used car platforms benefit from AI driven standardised image outputs at low costs

Real Estate/Hospitality

HDR bracketing photoshoots at scale enable quick onboarding of real estate & hospitality listings

Food Editing-Color Correction, Retouching


Easy capture & creation of Food shots through a seamless worflow

Grow Your future - go online

Empower innovation for your business at lowered costs

API Driven

Integrate Dresma directly into your workflow to maximize efficiency and minimize turnaround times

24/7 Support

Never get stuck without assistance. We support your content creation around the clock, everyday

Robust Security

Your visual assets are your intellectual property and we ensure they stay safe & never gets distributed without your authorization

Cloud Based

Our solutions run on high availability, redundant cloud servers to ensure that your processes run within SLAs 100% of the time

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