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Get your business ready for the way Next Gen Visual Content is created.

Mobile phootography app
Mobile phootography app

Hasslefree, Low Cost Photoshoots

The DoMyShoot mobile App is a 360 solution to create custom product imagery in seconds. Our intuitive App is designed to ensure that required images are captured with minimal effort saving our customers Time and Money.

  • Custom Settings generate images to your specifications
  • Seamless Workflow to manage post-production
  • High Quality Imagery  optimizing newest smartphone technologies
E-Commerce Image Editing Services
E-Commerce Image Editing Services

Quick and Consistent AI driven Editing

We use technology to fuel creativity at scale and help you to produce higher quality images at lower costs. Our post-production platform is powered by machine learning and AI tools along with the specialized human touch of our talented retouching artists to edit large volumes of images with consistent outcomes.
E-Commerce Image Editing Services
E-Commerce Image Editing Services
E-Commerce Image Editing Services

Seamless and Secure data transfer workflow

Managing your digital assets is now a simple process. Our cloud based integrations enable us to pull your content from wherever they are stored and run them through our workflow to optimize them for the internet.

Some of our partner integrations
E-Commerce Image Editing Services
E-Commerce Image Editing Services
E-Commerce Image Editing Services
We do what we do BEST

It’s now that easy and fast to showcase your imagery online!

We understand that today its visuals that sell products. And we are obsessed with ensuring we help you create images that increase sales for your products. The Dresma 360 solution is the SIMPLEST and most EFFICIENT way to create visual content.

Responsive Vertical Timeline

We create your custom template for shoot+edit 1.

Visuals are captured using the DoMyShoot App 2.

Our team further enhances the images through the Dresma post- production platform3.

Visuals are shared to your website or CDN 4.

E-Commerce Image Editing Services
We help producing stand out imagery

Our Happy Customers

Dresma’s DoMyShoot end to end service offered this large real estate platform a seamless workflow to manage their content creation. They found customer  engagement rates went up by 5% and they reduced goto market time for property listings by 15 days.

we service customers in 21 countries

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