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We pride ourselves in turning out images and content of the best possible quality in the shortest time. Our highly trained team is adept at quickly understanding your requirements and will deliver the best results to your satisfaction time and again.

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The people behind the story

Meet the team

Siddharth heads strategy, product and finance. He works with the team to set short and long term goals and and ensures that Dresma has the capability and partnerships to meet them. Siddharth has a B. S. (Engineering) from Cornell University and a M.B.A. from INSEAD.

Siddharth Sinha


Nishka heads all Sales and Marketing efforts of the company and relentlessly maintains the organisation’s customer focus. She also heads HR and keeps everyone in line. Nishka has an M.A. in English Literature but more importantly has lots of experience as an E-shopper ensuring that images that dont make the cut with her are kickedback to avoid client rejections.

Nishka Sinha


Abhishek is responsible for operations. He has honed the delivery teams to handle high volume work delivered with outstanding quality. Abhishek has a Masters (Engineering) in Systems Engineering from Cornell University.

Abhishek Kirti

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