Benefits of 3d rendering in Real Estate and Architecture

Benefits of 3d rendering in Real Estate and Architecture

Real Estate and Architecture today are the most extensive users of the 3d rendering and AR technology unlike almost a decade ago when real estate agencies (even multinational organisations) were using very basic drawings of the properties on their brochures and emails to pitch to clients. But these are things of past now. Today one can practically take a client through a virtual realistic walkthrough of the site from practically anywhere in the world. Thanks to the advanced 3d rendering techniques available to the industry. 3d rendering is now not only an integral part of the real estate and architecture industry but is in fact today an imperative! The benefits are immense for all stakeholders – property owners, designers, consultants, brokers, builders, architects, developers, contractors and clients. Visual rendering is nothing new, however 3d rendering has taken a whole new meaning in today’s technology driven and fast paced world.

3D rendering can in fact entirely change the way business is done in the real estate and architecture industry. Projects can now be showcased in a much better manner by harnessing the potential of 3d rendering. Let us take a look at how 3d rendering is beneficial for the real estate and architecture industry.

Is simply more appealing

The very first and apparent benefit of 3d rendering especially in real estate business is that it presents a project in a much better manner. The aesthetic aspects of a project can be highlighted with the help of 3d images. Stunning and very high quality visualizations become a possibility because of 3d rendering. This simply leads to attraction of higher number of customers and potential higher sales conversions.

Saves time and money

Incorporating edits and changes in a 3d plan rendering is a matter of only a few clicks, while making changes to a 2d plan can be cumbersome and expensive. Further, changes to a 3d plan can be made in real-time. This helps you save important resources- time and money.  Also, contrary to popular opining, 3d rendering is actually quite cost effective as compared to 2d renderings.

With the help of 3d rendering, the time taken to make a decision and process it is also swifter, thus helping you again to save time and money.

Enhances marketing efforts

There is no doubt as to how 3d renderings can boost your advertising and marketing efforts. In todays ‘visual’ world with short attention spans, everyone wants to ‘view’ the real thing. 3d renderings and simulations come as close as possible to the real project. Further, adding in components like virtual reality to your 3d renderings, can take your business to the next level!


So if you are in the real estate industry, 3d architectural rendering is not to be ignored! No matter which side of the table you are – property seller, developer, owner or buyer, 3d rendering only adds to the ease and effectiveness of doing business in the real estate and architecture industry.


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