Real estate photo editing: 5 Simple hacks to ensure higher sales

Real estate photo editing: 5 Simple hacks to ensure higher sales

With a multitude of housing platforms dealing in sales and rentals of real estate properties online, images are playing a vital part in buyer decision-making. It is becoming a necessity for those in the space to seriously consider how they would like to showcase their visual content by following some real estate photo editing hacks.

Because of the sheer number of properties these platforms list on a daily basis, often they leave the responsibility of creating the content with the owner of the listings. In turn, the owner is on a tight budget and looks for perfect images at low costs. 

In scenarios like this, it’s your real estate photo editing skills that can come to the rescue!  So rather than spending a lot of time and effort on fixing things at the location, it is a good idea to kick back those issues into post-production and ensure the images you create can keep the properties being showcased on top of the listings!  Check out how our retouching pros https://www.dresma.com/photo-editing/ can come to your rescue giving you high-quality imagery at low costs and fast turnarounds.

And in case you have decided to take on the real estate photo editing yourself, here are 5 easy steps you can take to make sure you have crisp images that serve the purpose:

Brightness and Colour correction

When you go onto Airbnb’s website to plan your next vacation rental, what attracts you most to the listings are the warm and friendly images that you get to view. Brightness and color correction are definitely the best friends of any real estate image editor. The value that these basic yet necessary enhancements bring, are what turn a bland and boring image into a stunning one that appeals to its audience. 

E-Commerce Image Editing ServicesE-Commerce Image Editing Services
Perspective Correction

At times because of limitations of the space being shot, camera lens being used or objects within the room,  the camera can distort real estate images. These distortions can be very disturbing to the human eye, taking away the natural appeal of the space being showcased. Perspective correction is a great technique to fix the alignment within the image. This results in a more cohesive image allowing the user to focus better on the key points of interest.

E-Commerce Image Editing ServicesE-Commerce Image Editing Services
Object Removal

Real estate properties have limitations in terms of objects that are unnecessary yet cannot be removed. These objects can often be jarring to the eye and take our attention away from the key aspects of the property entirely. This photo-shoot constraint can easily be addressed in post-production where photo-manipulation tools allow image editors to remove unwanted objects from an image without compromising on the image composition.

E-Commerce Image Editing ServicesE-Commerce Image Editing Services
HDR Image Blending

In real estate photo editing or architectural editing, HDR blending techniques help to blend interior spaces with exterior views. Taking multiple exposures allows you to balance out dark and light areas once the images are brought into post-production. This manner of image blending allows for us to experience the photos as close to how the human eye would see them.

Natural look through bracketing and merging in real estate photo editing.

Image Manipulations

Real estate photo editing solutions empower us to enhance images to whatever degree required. With real estate photography,  limitations of location, natural lighting and other weather conditions can be surpassed with simple tools that image editors are pros at using. Enhancing a space or dramatizing the sky, for example, can lead to deeper engagement with the images.

E-Commerce Image Editing Services


In real estate buying &  rentals, photos play an important part in building interest. Clean, clear images that are sharp, have consistent colour contrast and reflect a sense of warm friendliness are bound to impact your customer’s sales. Undeniably, image editing techniques can add immense value to your real estate shoots and bring in much higher returns than the minimal investments you need to make towards post-production services. This becomes a sure-shot way of ensuring your customers keep coming back.

So now you need not say no to the real estate shoots where the budgets are really low. In the shoot, focus on getting clear, sharp images and make sure you are shooting using bracketed exposures to get the most out of the images when you take them to post. All you need is your camera and a tripod. Take care of the rest in post-production and continue to give your clients images that help their properties sell.


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