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Increase ecommerce sales with 3D and Augmented Reality.

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Real Life outputs without a photo-studio

Dresma’s 3D Modelling and Rendering capabilities allow for exceptional images to be created with customized environments without the cost of a studio setup. Our 3D artists digitize products with painstaking detail for superior results.

The creative inputs of our visualizers result in images that capture the essence of each product and places it in appropriate context. We ensure that your investments are ready for AR/VR applications.

Future proof your DIGITAL CATALOG for 100% adaptability.

Real Life outputs without a photo-studio

CGI trumps photography when it comes to creating lifestyle or marketing images. 3D renders can create every image you can possibly imagine at a fraction of the cost of an elaborate photoshoot.

3D content is Fully adaptable, easier to update, on time and without the logistical hassle of traditional photo shoots. Now you can digitize your entire catalog and make changes to the product imagery whenever needed. Or create the perfect shot for your marketing campaigns. The same renders can be used to create 360° image views to drive customer engagement.

3D Visualization, Modeling and Rendering of furniture
We help in producing stand out photographs


“The Dresma team ensure we were the first in the market to launch the furniture catalog of our key sellers through 3D  renderings enabling us to provide high quality content to buyers.”

Large Marketplace

We help in producing stand out photographs


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