3D Rendering Services: Top 5 ways to drive E-commerce growth

3D Rendering Services: Top 5 ways to drive E-commerce growth

3D Rendering Services is a powerful way to change e-commerce dynamics

3D rendering services are becoming a way to a perfect visual presentation. 3D model visuals have not only changed the dynamics of Architecture visual representations but have huge potential to change the dynamics of e-commerce industry as well. let’s see how 3D rendering can complement this industry.

With only an estimated 25% of the total world population shopping digitally in 2019 and the expected count to reach 2.14 billion by the year 2021, there is a huge potential for e-commerce players. 

Of the burgeoning e-shoppers,82% activated the 3D view indicating that e-commerce is about an immersive experience through interactive, outstanding visualization. It was also found that 34% of the users spent more than 30 seconds interacting with 3D and 95% of respondents preferred interactive 3D views to video playback. While the consumer clearly is finding strong engagement with 3D content, merchants are on the lookout for 3D production speed and lower costs. They have to ensure that this way of generating content doesn’t slow down the process of taking their product catalog online.

Although the online shopping experience has evolved, it still lacks the emotional and physical engagement that brick and mortar stores offer to the customers. In the brick versus click battle, the former has lost a little but remains a strong contender. 

Strong product visualization forms the backbone of the e-commerce industry. Lack of innovation in the traditional way of visual content production has made the online shopping experience monotonous. Also, the current process involves manual interference that sometimes makes the whole image post-production cycle a cumbersome one as it may require to be redone manually if anything goes wrong. To do away with such hindrances, 3D may be the best solution both for the consumers and e-tailers.

For the e-commerce industry that requires a strong visual merchandising strategy for the final conversion of the customer, 3D rendering services are the recommendable way to develop a sense of trust and engage the user. Thus, to gain customer engagement through well-designed interactive visuals, 3D modeling is a good fit to create an in-store experience while shopping online. 

3D Rendering Services: An opportunity for immersive demonstration

3D modeling is the process of developing a 3-dimensional graphical model of the product. For providing the user with the actual representation of the product, the models developed by 3D rendering services are enhanced with texture, color, material, and other features to make it as authentic and dynamic as the real product.

Few e-commerce brands have adopted 3D technology already and received a positive response from customers. Large furniture retailer, Wayfair, creates 3D content as does fashion e-tailer, ASOS. With few companies already on the 3D bandwagon along with the huge growth potential of e-commerce and the development of mobile technology, the time is ripe for others to adopt 3D technology for a future-proof growth story through higher customer conversion and lower product returns.




Let us have a look at how the brands can leverage the much talked about 3D imaging techniques:

1. Strong Visualisation

360-degree product View

To get the feeling of the real product, one does not need to be physically present in the store any longer. The 360-degree showcase of the product captures various specifications with each angle imparting the sense of resemblance and familiarity to the real product.

The technique of 3D rendering services with advanced features enables to represent your product in an interactive way giving your online buyer a feel of the in-store experience. The use of 3D model visuals is a revolutionizing idea that will let your online consumers feel the product by choosing to see the part they want to focus on. They can view it in motion, rotate the object, zoom in and out and can view the parts that are not possible to be represented in a 2D presentation.

Compatibility with existing products or space

Optimizing websites with 3D rendering services will not only spike sales but will also support online buyers to get an understanding of the products in the virtually created real environment before they buy the product. This type of showcase allows the online shopper to interact in various ways by inserting new elements in the background to check the compatibility with their needs. They can also check the size, color, and texture by virtual placement in the real environment, For example, before buying the coffee table, the buyer can check its compatibility with their set of sofa

Material Visualization technique

Have you ever wondered about the factor that makes the physical stores the first preference of your customers? Gear up to adopt the 3D technology that will let you showcase your product naturally using  3D model visuals, which can simulate the intricate details and the physical properties of the product with the highest accuracy. This technique is useful not only to showcase the material of apparel but also for visualizing décor and soft furniture like curtains, armchairs, and couches, thus narrowing the gap between the offerings of the physical and online stores.

2. Quick Adaptability to Market Changes

To stay ahead in the e-commerce industry hit by the stiff competition and rapid changes in trend across all verticals, the players need to adapt to those changing needs quickly. To acquire new customers and maintain the existing ones, brands need to be very active in incorporating changes in their product lines. 3D model visuals of the product allow you to add those new features in the product model in a short period saving your time and money. It lets you keep the product prototype ready for future use and do away with the disposable props for design testing. 3D built prototypes effortlessly let you test and render new product designs as per the latest trends at cheaper rates compared to those of traditional disposable props

3. AR/VR compatible

With technical advancements, it just takes simple steps to create a 3D view of the products. Shoot the product using a digital camera and upload the shot outcome on the processing platform to get a 3D model visuals that can be embedded with a desktop or mobile version of websites or augmented or virtual reality applications. The technique has also made possible to create a 3D model visuals of objects that previously presented obstacles, such as those that are black, glossy or shiny. 3D image rendering compatibility with AR/VR is a long-game strategy that will lend a new level of interactivity making your products stand out.

4. Customized shopping experience

To get the highest level of personal engagement of the customers, provide them with a customized solution that imparts not only the detailed analysis of products but also lets them check the suitability and compatibility of the products to make the buying decisions. So, it would be a great idea to gear up to the use of 3D model visuals to drive engagement and thus sales.

A plethora of options to choose from

3D rendering services brings variation in tone, texture, color, material and angles allowing to showcase the variants of the same product. Each buyer has a unique requirement and loves to explore all the options before making a buying decision. By offering variants to explore, you let your website visitors stay longer on your website. The longer your visitor stays the higher are the chances of conversion to sales. Thus, 3D modeling increases the chances of your sales growth.

5. A great substitute for expensive studio photography

Product shoots in professional photo studios are very expensive unless they are being shot in a makeshift studio by yourself. Dozens of 3D model visuals could be created for the amount that costs you for only one professional shoot while retaining the same quality as that of the traditional photo shoot.

3D Imaging: A Single tool for multiple verticals

The use of 3D modeling services, considered being an architectural tool, gradually scaled up in other industries too.  Samsonite, the luggage retailer displays tactile items using 3D imaging to make them look as realistic as possible helping their online buyers getting a better sense of material, shape, and dimension.

TSUM, F3 Studio, American Greetings, and Guerin Joaillerie too gained from the use of 3D renders. TSUM is said to be the first largest luxury goods store in Eastern Europe to use a 3D technique for its 40,000 products and able to increase its conversion rate by 40% for bags and shoe categories. 

American Greetings, leaders in e-greetings and social expression product creators incorporated 3D images on its website for outstanding visualization. To add more to its credits, the 3D technique is also used by fashion brand F3 Studio to digitize its lingerie products. Players in other verticals like jewelry also made sure that they are not left behind in using the futuristic techniques like 3D imaging that enabled premium European Jewelry brand- Guerin Joaillerie, to use it for capturing product features like reflections of light, transparency, a glitter of metal, unusual design and sparkle of gems.

Thus, the successful use of 3D modeling services by various large players not only prove its utility in multiple verticals but also clearly proves that it is now easier and possible to create 3D visuals of black, glossy or shiny products that were previously a bit difficult to present and have outstanding visuals of large scale products in a reasonable timeframe.

3D Rendering services: A long game future strategy for e-commerce

3D modeling services offering enormous options in terms of product visualization, customized solution and positive experience to customers and most importantly the kind of flexibility and adaptability in case of a shift in the market scenario to the merchants, it seems to be the future of e-commerce.


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