3D Rendering and Modeling Services to build next-gen visuals

 Increase E-commerce sales with 3D Content

  • Upload 2D images files or detailed sketches of the products to be modeled
  • Our team of artists create a detailed 3 D model of the product keep all its dimensions in mind
  • A photo realistic render of the product is generated including all textures and colours
  • Download the files in any format of your preference and share for AR viewing

End to end seamless workflow

 Our 3D Rendering & Modeling services enable you to create next generation visual content. We offer high quality images at fast turnarounds. This makes us a preferred provider for 3D content.

We believe in balancing technology with human creativity to achieve outstanding results. Artificial Intelligence algorithms automate repetitive tasks. The human touch of our specialist 3D artists drives perfection. The outcome is a seamless workflow that supports scale and growth.

 For future proof content, partner with us for 3D Product Visualizations, 360° Virtual Reality guides, Walkthrough Visuals, Real Estate 3D Rendering & 360 Panorama Creations.


3D Models

every 24 hours



3 Locations



21 Countries



Turnaround time 2hr onwards

Photorealistic Renderings in no time

Turn your ideas into reality with Dresma’s 3D Rendering and  Modeling solutions. All without the heavy cost of a studio setup.

Our Rendering artists digitize products with painstaking detail for superior results.The creative inputs of our visualizers result in images with amazingly realistic representations of an idea. With our cost-effective services and high-quality standards, we ensure that your investments are ready for AR/VR applications.

Dresma’s 3D Modelling and Rendering services allow for exceptional images to be created with customized environments making your content adaptable.

Professional 3D Virtual Staging Solutions

CGI for Lifestyle Lifestyle images showcase  imagery of the products in a contextual setting to help build deeper customer engagement. However, a photo-shoot for this type of visual content is costly, cumbersome and most importantly static or inflexible. By building a computer generated 3D model one is presented with endless possibilities of customization from colors and textures to perspectives and settings.

Product Renderings

3D Rendering enables a manufacturer or brand to showcase a product in the most adaptable of ways. Logistical issues and high photo shoot costs can be entirely avoided with the use of CGI. 3D modeling and rendering showcase a product at its best with textures, colors and other design elements in full detail. Visual Content creation through CGI is becoming a popular option for companies in the furniture, homeware, packaged goods and appliances space.

360 Product View

A 360 product view is an interactive showcase of a product. It enables deeper customer engagement and allows for the creation of great dynamic visual content. A 360 view is a perfect digital asset to standout amongst the crowd of competitors.

AR Content


Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world scene where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by CGI. Unlike Virtual reality (VR), AR doesn’t require a headset, which makes it easier to adopt. The technology overlays digital content onto the real world in front of you – all you need is a smartphone and forward-facing camera in hand. USDZ file formats  for IOS devices are available for AR viewing of 3D models. Social Media interfaces to enable viewing of 3D visual content. Companies across industries stand to benefit from adding this technology to their content marketing strategy.

 Future proof 3D Outputs

 Fast tracked high quality 3D Renderings

CGI trumps photography when it comes to creating lifestyle or marketing images. 3D renderings can create every image you can possibly imagine at a fraction of the cost of an elaborate photoshoot.

3D Rendering and Modeling is fully adaptable, easier to update, on time and without the logistical hassle of traditional photo shoots. Now you can digitize your entire catalog and make changes to the product imagery whenever needed. Or create the perfect shot for your marketing campaigns. The same renders can be used to create 360° image views to drive customer engagement.



starts at $5 per model
Less than 1000 models a year
72 Hour turnaround time


Custom Quote
More than 1000 models a year
Custom turnaround time

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Get eCommerce images today.


Get eCommerce images today.

What is 3D Rendering?

It is a process that uses 3-dimensional data stored in a computer to create an image. Everything shown is a 3D render is created using CGI

What is 3D Rendering for eCommerce?

3D Rendering for eCommerce is the modeling of the product to be sold. This makes the product adaptable for all channels of sale and allows easy customization of colours and textures

What is 3D Product Rendering?

3D product rendering is the creation of a photo-realistic image by means of using the software. After modelling and rendering, the product is converted back to a 2D image for display

What do you need for 3D Rendering?

It needs decently quality images capturing the details of the product to be rendered. This can be in the form of 2D images taking on mobile or even drawings with measurements. Various software is available to create the 3D models and render them.

How Does 3D Rendering work?

3D Rendering is the process of creating two-dimensional images of a product or space from a 3D model. The images are generated based on sets of data dictating what colour, texture, and material a certain object in the image has.